Conch with Chinese Cabbage

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1.Boil the green vegetable and carrots for other use.

2.Slice the Orchid Brand Oyster Flavored Conch, put the Chinese
cabbage and the sliced conch into the bowl, cover it with
wrapping papper. (save up the oyster sauce in conch package to
make the sauce)

3. Steam it for 20-30 minutes.

4. Upside down the bowl into plate, decorate the steamed conch
with green vegetables and carrots.

5. To thicken and boil the oyster sauce in Step 2.

6. Pour the sauce onto the conch. Your "Conch with Chinese
Cabbage" would be ready to serve.


Orchid Brand Oyster Flavored Conch, Green Vegetable for decoration, Carrot in ball-shape, Chinese Cabbage, Soup Stock

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