Lobster with Bacon-Wrapped Scallop

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Sauce: Katsuo (Dried Tuna Chips), Oyster Sauce, Sugar, Potato Starch, Saseme Oil.
1.Cook Potaco, Carrot and eggs
2.Mix #1 Ingredients with Mayonnaise to make potato salad
3.Wrap Scallops with bacons
4.Pan Fry bacon Scallops and Lobster (do not overcook)
5.Place bacon wrapped Scallop, Lobster and Potato Salads in a plate
6.Drip Sacuce in the plate and place apple slices on potato salad
7.Decorate with yellow and red pepper


Lobster Tail Meat, Scallop, Bacon, Apple, Potato, Carrot, Eggs, Scallion , Yellow Papper, Mayonnaise

Cook Method: