Golden Shrimp Roll

Golden Shrimp Roll
Fresh Shrimp, Cuttlefish Thick-Liquid, Water Chestnut, Bean Curd Sheet, Oil

Packing:12 piece x 40box /CTN
Net Weight(kg):11.2kg
Carton size(cm):43*43*28.5
Shelf life:1 year kept under -18°C
Lead Time:30~40Days
Payment Terms:Sight L/C or T/T

The adoption of fresh sea shelled shrimp is from clean ocean and with no medicine contaminated, mix up with first-class cuttlefish thick-liquid, water chestnut by handmade winding as a roll. You can enjoy use of the original flavor of sea shelled shrimp, in addition to eat of delicacy also edible health.There are various ways to use it. You can deep-fry or pan-fry.The Finger Food is very easy to use.